Walk About the Forest.

Tuesday 18th October 2016.


When we first set out, mid morning, the sun was shining, but it was not long before the rain started, not just any old rain. It was heavy rain, pouring and beating my poor old car and making my vision very difficult. Later during our walk after a short break it rained again but our perseverance proved worthwhile. The sun came out and spread its warmth and made the walk and day very enjoyable. Hope you enjoy it as well.

The entrance to the beauty.


This is a sad moment, some child’s lost toy waiting to be found. It was actually quite an emotive vision. The poor teddy bear was wet and bedraggled.
Information board with a difference.
Although I like this picture it does not do the actual real live sight justice. But I have the memory.
The Giant Sequoia
This little thrush did not want to fly, he happily hopped about the ground. with his friend ‘robin redbreast’ following him closely.
If one looks closely , the rain can be seen through the trees. My camera is not that good.


During the walk we got caught in the rain. This is my attempt at capturing water drops.
Beautiful reds, unfortunately we did not see much change in the expected autumn colours.


More tall trees. Beautiful sight.
Forest maintenance?
Whilst walking through the forest this vision of branches leaning against the large trees was a common sight. Have yet to find out why and what is the reason for it. I have my ideas.
Standing on a hill looking across this large building could be seen, I intend to find it on my next visit and discover what it is and what it is used for.



Gerry A/C 2016©


6 thoughts on “Walk About the Forest.

    1. My one guess is they are to be used for some project by the forestry (ie fencing) and left to dry in this position and easy to collect. There had been a lot of felling going on recently. I will try to find out if there is a reason… welcome always…

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