Bold and Rambling Soldier [folk song]

Tuesday 8th November 2016

Forest song



paperback size

Gerry A/C 2016


12 thoughts on “Bold and Rambling Soldier [folk song]

  1. I always had a bit of a fondness for Bonaparte when I did history at school. He certainly didn’t set any limits on his ambition. Come to think of it, that’s politicians for you 🙂 I’m trying not to watch the power battle in the States.

    1. Hey Jo thank you for this comment. I am glued to CNN showing all about the election. sad I know but this time it has hooked me. Glad you enjoyed my little music post. am working on a photo post (walk) in Christchurch Dorset I did at the weekend. Welcome…

  2. This is so interesting, Gerry. And a great reminder as well of how much we owe to the guys who sacrificed to fight for us — or even to set up their encampments prepared to fight when needed.

    1. It is very emotional and sad that it is times of war that some of the best stories emerge and this is another one of the many.. Thank you and welcome Sandra…

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