A Poem – Everyone Has Gone

Wednesday 16th November 2016

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A Soul- credit of Google


Casting ones mind into the world of fantasy.

Drifting on the wind floating high.

Clouds engulf and wipe the dirt from your skin.

Droplets of rain then wash and cleanse the soul.

You slowly fall to the earth and find yourself once again whole.

Grasses change colour, trees start to walk.

Bushes and hedges mumble in the breeze.

Dormice scamper and nibble at corn stalk.

Rainbows and goblins sliding, seeing gold to seize.

Rising from your resting place, to walk this earth again.

Step after uneasy step, pausing at the silver stream.

Thunder clouds build, wind whistles and starts to rain.

Darkness envelopes, as the grass glistens its emerald green.

Blindly, getting nowhere always remaining in the same place.

All alone seeing no one and not recognising your new home.

Birds with no colour fly high, ghosts of the sky form a face.

Ethereal figures floating close, heavenly bodies on the roam.

Panic rises within your soul, recognising her smile.

Then like a puff of smoke the ghostly vision is no more.

Chasing the sky, racing the clouds until time to rest a while.

Exhausted, tears on your cheeks kept rolling making them sore.

Darkening skies, darkening the soul, your new home awaits.

Floating down to the ground, seeing many looking on.

Time to sleep, time to rest, plenty of time to traipse.

Looking up from your home seeing everyone has gone.


Gerry Ainger/Cobb

November 16th 2016©


8 thoughts on “A Poem – Everyone Has Gone

  1. It’s like a fantasy writer living in a world he created in his mind but who has to leave it at the end of the day to return to reality and rationalism. This is my interpretation.

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