The 39 Steps!

Tuesday 17th January 2017


I am confused, disappointed and even go as far as to say I am unhappy. Why? I hear people say. Well! The above book is one of my favourite books, it tells a story that cannot be bettered. Well maybe it can depending on your tastes. My confusion etc started a few years ago when I managed to get hold of the book.Several copies actually, one stand alone book and also included in a compilation by the same author. (The story 39 Steps are both the same by the way, word for word) I hope you are smiling. Anyway, over the years I have seen many film versions of this book, old black and white films and new ‘ish coloured films. I have tried to find more but have been unsuccessful. While I enjoy the films and their differences, the story they tell all have one big flaw which seems to be missing from the book. this case lets say added. Why is that? I ask myself or anyone else that listens and might know the answer and might have their own opinion on this matter. Every 39 Steps film I have watched have all added one extra character to the film, a female co star. I am not being sexist or against female actors (actresses, I think is old fashioned these days) in fact some of my favourite actors are females. But why do directors, producers or script writers think they know better than the author. Why do they want or need to change an already great story. This happens rather a lot and it really does ‘**** me off. Watership Down, the more recent Shanara Chronicles plus many more. Why oh why do they do it? By they I mean people who make these films.  

Anyway guys this is my rant do you have any or do you agree with me.


Gerry A/C 2017