The 39 Steps!

Tuesday 17th January 2017


I am confused, disappointed and even go as far as to say I am unhappy. Why? I hear people say. Well! The above book is one of my favourite books, it tells a story that cannot be bettered. Well maybe it can depending on your tastes. My confusion etc started a few years ago when I managed to get hold of the book.Several copies actually, one stand alone book and also included in a compilation by the same author. (The story 39 Steps are both the same by the way, word for word) I hope you are smiling. Anyway, over the years I have seen many film versions of this book, old black and white films and new ‘ish coloured films. I have tried to find more but have been unsuccessful. While I enjoy the films and their differences, the story they tell all have one big flaw which seems to be missing from the book. this case lets say added. Why is that? I ask myself or anyone else that listens and might know the answer and might have their own opinion on this matter. Every 39 Steps film I have watched have all added one extra character to the film, a female co star. I am not being sexist or against female actors (actresses, I think is old fashioned these days) in fact some of my favourite actors are females. But why do directors, producers or script writers think they know better than the author. Why do they want or need to change an already great story. This happens rather a lot and it really does ‘**** me off. Watership Down, the more recent Shanara Chronicles plus many more. Why oh why do they do it? By they I mean people who make these films.  

Anyway guys this is my rant do you have any or do you agree with me.


Gerry A/C 2017


24 thoughts on “The 39 Steps!

    1. Maybe so Gilly, but it still tells a false story in relation to the book. And in my opinion it does not enhance the story… Thank you and welcome always..

    1. No I am not a ranter generally, but as some one like yourself who writes stories I do feel it would offend me. Anyway Jo thank you for saying so… welcome always…

  1. Very interesting point. I’m going to watch one of the films and see what you mean. I have the book but have never read it. Now’s the time.

    1. I read Watership Down before seeing the film and was disappointed, and when I read 39 Steps I was really annoyed, and a couple of films have the female role in different characters. One is a plant and set up as a spy. welcome always and thank you

      1. Yes I read it several times and always enjoyed it. If this fantasy is to your liking then I recommend it. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Welcome 😉

  2. Don’t your find many movies have a different take of ending? I hate when a character who isn’t in the book is added–because why? Do they change up the ending because they don’t want to give away the ending? We KNOW what it IS! We don’t mind. 🙂 😉

    1. Yes.. that is another point changing the ending,,, why? if the story is not good enough for what ever the reason then why bother making a film of it. Thank you and welcome always….

  3. I think it has to do with the script writer. He is rewriting the story for a better film even if the book is great. I wonder if the authors care? When I see a movie after I’ve read a book 📚 I’m usually disappointed. You’ve raised a good point with this rant. 👍
    Isadora 😎

    1. I also wondered that but can a story be altered without permission? I suppose it boils down to no ey once again. This post is a little different for me and hope it has been agreeable. Thank you Izzy & welcome.

      1. I went to a book signing and spoke to author Jeff Lindsay who wrote the Dexter series. His books were done on a series for HBO. He spoke about the way the writer of the tv series didn’t follow his books that closely. When asked if he minded, he said, “Once you give them the rights they can do with it what they choose”. He didn’t give them the last book. The producers had to create their own ending; which was terrible. I read the books and saw the tv series, his books are better.
        Anyway, great dialog on this post. Sometimes, you just have to rant, Gerry. I like when people change it up. This was a change for you but I enjoyed the exchange of thoughts. Have a great weekend.

  4. Gerry, I cannot think of a single instance where I have enjoyed the movie version of a book better than the book. The film industry panders to a different audience and has a different “formula” for what they believe makes a successful film. Unfortunately, that often means bastardizing the original written work so much that they should say “Loosely based on …” 😐

  5. Ultimately, isn’t at usually about sex? Of course, I haven’t read this particular book – or seen the movies – but in general, I’ve found that adding a woman — or a man — is for the sake of a relationship between the sexes. I could be wrong, though. Anyway, I, too, am aggravated and disappointed when movies add or detract significantly. The epitome of such stupidity was reached by the Disney company when they produced the movie Pocahontas. They created a story that was nothing but a pack of lies and never even included a disclaimer of any kind with regard to the true story of her life.
    I’ll add one more point: rarely have I ever seen a movie version that is as good as the book.

    1. I fully agree with you. Yes I realised about the Pocahontas film, she died at the age of 24 and married and Englishman etc but Disney destroyed the story. I do not like the adding of a character, male or female, especially when it adds nothing g to the original story, as in 39Steps. Welcome and thanks Sandra. 😋

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