My Birthday Treat Part 1

Wednesday 18th July 2017

London Trip

Coca Cola London Eye

Last day of June was a big birthday for me and I was given a surprise treat, a surprise trip. I was taken on a train journey to London. What made this special was I haven’t been on a train for many years, apart from a few local, small, short distance steam trains. The day had been planned out and our journey started at Waterloo. We walked across Waterloo bridge and made our way to Trafalgar Square, Whitehall (Downing St.) Visited my second home Buckingham Palace. (joking) St.James park. I eventually did something I have been wanting to do since it was opened, the London Eye, or since 2015 proper title is Coca Cola London Eye. It was very expensive but very worthwhile and enjoyable. Happy bunny now.


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Trafalgar Square was a surprise for me because the last time I visited, which by the way was many years ago has become a market. Acrobats and pavement artists. Also several visual artists portraying Star Wars characters, see if you can see how it is done. At first view they seemed very impressive but as one gets nearer one could see they were rather tacky. Their costumes were poor and their masks often exposed their necks or other parts of their heads. Bottom line I have seen better. I must say though I did enjoy the all.

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Gerry A/C July 2017