My Birthday Treat Part 1

Wednesday 18th July 2017

London Trip

Coca Cola London Eye

Last day of June was a big birthday for me and I was given a surprise treat, a surprise trip. I was taken on a train journey to London. What made this special was I haven’t been on a train for many years, apart from a few local, small, short distance steam trains. The day had been planned out and our journey started at Waterloo. We walked across Waterloo bridge and made our way to Trafalgar Square, Whitehall (Downing St.) Visited my second home Buckingham Palace. (joking) St.James park. I eventually did something I have been wanting to do since it was opened, the London Eye, or since 2015 proper title is Coca Cola London Eye. It was very expensive but very worthwhile and enjoyable. Happy bunny now.


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Trafalgar Square was a surprise for me because the last time I visited, which by the way was many years ago has become a market. Acrobats and pavement artists. Also several visual artists portraying Star Wars characters, see if you can see how it is done. At first view they seemed very impressive but as one gets nearer one could see they were rather tacky. Their costumes were poor and their masks often exposed their necks or other parts of their heads. Bottom line I have seen better. I must say though I did enjoy the all.

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Gerry A/C July 2017



11 thoughts on “My Birthday Treat Part 1

  1. I was in London until 29th June, just before you. My first time ever in the UK. Everything felt familiar – it made me realise how English our Australian culture is. One thing that disappointed me about London was that everyone in the street was a tourist (even me). I wanted to talk to some real English people, but even the staff in shops and hotels had non-English accents! Clearly I need to go to smaller towns. I loved the V&A museum. Thanks for the photos, I enjoyed looking through them.

    1. That is a problem. Our culture is getting mixed up.My sadness is the police with guns.I hope you had a good time. Welcome always Trish and thank you.

      1. The policeman guarding the guards at Buck Palace had a huge gun and pointed it at the crowds to make them stand back. Too weird, I had to leave. I went to Spitalfields and Bethnal Green where one of my ancestors (a convict) came from. The building where he was working at the time is still there. Now a 2-million-pound home. It was really good to see the streets where he lived and worked.

      2. Oh yes we saw them also… Around Whitehall and Parliament buildings was very scary, many police with rifles and side arms. It is strange how times change values,,, in the New Forest a small cottage used as tide cottage for the forest workers, no electricity or running water but plenty of garden sold for million and a half pounds…

    1. Certainly did,remembering past visits and changes. Weather made it good the sun stayed out for us. Welcome always and thankyou Jude.🌝

  2. What a great gift. So glad you had a wonderful day. It is sad to see so much need for security, but when you think of all the horrible terrorist attacks that have been perpetrated in England and France recently, I can certainly understand the feeling that more security is better than less. Increased security in places over here have changed our lives as well. Some of it seems fairly minor, but it’s still a different world we live in now.

    1. I do agree but is hard to understand. I even saw two armed police in our local mall. The way of the world I suppose. But do I feel safer for seeing them? ????? Welcome always a d thankyou Sandra.

  3. The current vogue for ‘statues’ has become a bit wearing, Gerry, but London always has something to offer. I loved my trip on the Eye too, quite a few years ago now. Glad you had a good time. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. I did think it was overpriced, but did enjoy it and pleased I done it. It was something I always wanted to do. Happy bunny me. Thoroughly enjoyed my day. Welcome Jo always……

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