6 thoughts on “Xmas 1949. Allegedly.. My Start

  1. Wow, I LOVE THESE!!!! I’d say that commercial is 1949 for sure. Her dress is from that period. And since TV was just barely getting started, the commercials would have had to be live and about that amateurish. You can hear things clatter a little in the background, and that’s about right for the sound equipment and lack of soundproof areas. We didn’t have a TV until about 1952, so this is really interesting.
    And I love the music video. Always loved those big bands, even though they were before my time. But my parents loved that music, and I grew up with it on the radio and records.
    A great beginning for your Christmas, Gerry.

    1. Sorry for late reply Sandra, we were the first on the road to get a colour television and mum use to invite a couple of close friend neighbours to watch speciality shows. Reminds me of my parents. Welcome always and thank you πŸŽ„πŸ“•

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