Hooray.. Finally.

Monday 5th March 2018

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Finally, with no apparent visible reason my blog has started letting me post as per normal. Since my last post explaining my dilemma I have continuously tried with no luck. The window that kept popping up was “the site is inaccessible” and gave me several choices which I checked many times not to mention all the others. Then as I was experimenting  today everything seemed to be working as normal.

The Colosseum. Rome Sept 2017

A view of a statue at Pompeii. Sept 2017.

Now I have  a decision to make, and that is “do I keep this blog theme or do I return to my old faithful? If I keep this I will try to personalise. After all I have had the other theme from day one over 8 years ago. 

Anyway thank you everyone and now maybe I can be a little more active in the blogging/vlogging world. Yes I have an idea.

Gerry A/C 2018©


12 thoughts on “Hooray.. Finally.

  1. I’m glad to get this post because I keep thinking you aren’t posting, and a couple times I hopped over to see if I had missed something, but nothing new showed up. I’m glad your site is working again, and I hope you get all the little bugs worked out. I like the new theme. It’s sort of clean and sleek. But whatever theme you use, we’ll still come and visit you. 🙂

    1. Hi Sandra and thank you… I actually think I will have to stick with this theme because it looks like my old one does not exist anymore. So maybe a few tweaks to personalise it and make it a bit more homely. Anyway Sandra thank you very much for your patience and constant support. 🙂

      1. I’ve used a couple themes in the past that I tried to go back to later, and they had gotten rid of them. In fact, they offer a lot fewer free themes now than they did when I started about 6 years ago.

      2. I noticed that, as I like three columns it is harder to decide on one. Not to forget one also loses the other widgets etc if you cannot find a suitable theme.

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