Daily Post Photo Challenge -Story

Thursday 8th March 2018


This week, be a visual storyteller.

All the photos shown are now a few years old. They show my daughter with various characters at the Universal Park in Portaventura. Spain in 2006. I think they tell a story. Hope you can see it.

Gerry A/C 2018©


12 thoughts on “Daily Post Photo Challenge -Story

  1. We have Universal Studio here in Florida. Those characters can overwhelm small children. Your daughter looks like she enjoyed being photographed with them. They certainly do tell a story.
    Hi Gerry – hope you’re feeling well.
    Isadora 😎

    1. Hi Izzy, yes all is well my end thanks. I have been to Universal in Florida on several different visits. Thoroughly enjoyed it every time. I have many photos from Universal and the Disney parks. Loved it. Welcome always. 😉

      1. Thanks, Gerry. It has been a while. I hope you get to go to Disney and Universal again. Disney has added many, many new exhibits. It takes more and more days to see everything. But, of course, that’s what they want. Have a wonderful weekend …. : )

      2. Thank you and wishing you same. I follow a couple of big vloggers who do Disney parks and yes I must admit there is a lot of changes since our last visit in 2010. Never say never.

    1. Yes unfortunately, when experimenting and trying to find a solution I changed my theme hoping it would cure my problem but no joy. When I tried to go back to my old one I could not find it. It has been taken off. Sandra said it happened to her also. So I am making do, a changes has made it acceptable. thank you Jo and welcome.

  2. Do you know that when I click on your name (in your comment on my blog) it takes me to a very different Restawyle: restawyle.com in Carlingford. “The sweeping backdrop of Slieve Foye Louth’s highest mountain provides Carlingford with a magnificent setting of raw beauty. Restawyle Avenue in Hayling Island is in the South East region of England.” Sounds great, but I’m guessing it’s not you.

    1. No that is not me. This is a new one on me Trish. Hayling Island is not far from me but alas it is not me. Next time I visit I will try and amend any details that is required. Sorry for this. welcome always.

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