Awards and Acknowledgments

Saturday 31st March Hendra Taruna  of       also nominated me,  please visit and enjoy…

What can one say, I started blogging and posting about a year ago, but it has been the last couple of months where I have got more involved and started doing more and posting more. I have also just started another blog called ‘Writing Hell’  and decide to use it for my Novel that I started and will post chapters probably one each week or two. Also may use it for poetry and song lyrics.

ABC  Award….

22nd February 2012

I thank Carolbessums of      for nominating, I am not sure whether this a good idea.

7×7 Award

This award was passed over to me from another great blogger and artist,   As I have said before visit her site and enjoy. All the bloggers I nominated also enjoy, I enjoy their sites, and hope you do as well.

Top Recent Commenter Award

Thank you Marcy- Orples creator.

Thank you Marcy for nominating me for this award. I would encourage every one to visit her site and enjoy.

On Tuesday 8th May 2012 Laura of   also nominated me for this same award. and also did an acknowledging post for her. Thank you.

Thanking Just Ramblin’ for this wonderful award. Her site is well worth a visit so please take time to pop over and enjoy her site.

The Sunshine Award was given by Andrea from ..

The title of her web site is ”Writing Life in Words and Photos” Visit her for a good experience. and leave a comment let her know you visited.

Monday 23rd April 2012  Wendell also nominated me, 15May 2012

The above Hug Award was awarded to me by Francine, my cyber friend, of the above site. Please check her out and let her know .

Gemma from for the above Liebster Award, Thanks…

Forever Poetic

Inspiration Blog award ..And on 12th March 2013 BB at

5th Sept 2014 A very special friend Carol Sessums awarded me this {} @

Beautiful Blogger

The two immediately above awards were given with thanks to Wendell at Pop along and enjoy his poetry, and site in general. Top drawer. Say hello, always a welcome. thank you Wendell. 25th May 2012

Another one from Wendell at A beautiful site full of  poetry of high quality.

Also awarded to me by Lady Barefoot Baroness at  another high quality blog site full of wonderful posts.

This award was  given to me by another wonderful blog full of learned and interesting post danLrene at

Super Sweet Blogging Award

Monday 1st October 2012, I awarded this by..

10th May 2013 Johann of –

Monday 5th November 2012 Thank you !!


March 2013 -Wendell of….

Most Influential Blogger 2013

Awarded by

May 2013

Awarded by Rob of Robs Real life.  [December 2013]


Wendell of

Truly a great friend found in this cyber world, thank you Wendell.

June 11th 2013

Karen at

August 2013.

Sept/October 2013


Poets Corner

20 thoughts on “Awards

  1. “Writing Hell” What a blast! Hey, best of luck to you on your novel. Writer’s Digest also have a Post of the Week on their website, with a writing prompt for a 500 word story that you can post on their site. I started a couple weeks ago and am really enjoying it. Very much like our photo of the week.


  2. Wow, Gerry, nice work….. I just started blogging and really don’t know what the heck I’m doing LOL! I didn’t even know such things existed! Perhaps I should take note 🙂 The thought of eventually being awarded in any way for my blogs is so remote for me at this time. I’m just trying to get my feet wet !! Thanks for noticing my blog and continued success with yours ! TB

    1. You are very welcome, and I am as much in awe, because the people and blogs/post are all top notch high quality. I thought the same as you not so long ago. Just be yourself and enjoy..

      1. Thanks! I’ll do my best to “be myself”…. hopefully that’s what I do best LOL 🙂

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