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Forest Folk Songs.

Monday 18th January 2016

Forest song

George Collins1

George Collins words

George Collins

Restawyle 11

Gerry A/C RESTAWYLE-2016

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Xmas 2015

Sunday 20th December 2015.

Here we are once again, another year passed and lots of stories to tell. There are probably many things we are grateful for, some of you have written about them. But mostly these thoughts, outer or inner are very important to each of us. I am grateful for may things, being alive is just one very important thing.

I am very disappointed this year because I am unable to do my Xmas series, different topics each year, three years or is it four, but not this year due to committments and not having the time. I find these past posts helped me feel the Xmas feeling more and passing it on to you. Anyway peoples here is my little thought for all of you.

Xmas 2015

xxxIt is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmas time again

Xmas 20155


Gerry A / C 2015 Xmas©


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WPC -Treat?

Saturday 31st October 2015.


Treats and indulgences can take many forms. Share yours with us!

My Daughters Birthday Treats

Birthday treat

Birthday treat supplied fee of charge by the restaurant we were dining at. Ellie loves this particular restaurant.

Birthday treat1

Birthday treat supplied by us. Kermit had to step in because we could not find a minion. She still loved it.


I have included this Nanowrimo banner to show that I am participating. However I am not very confident this year because as from 16th November my time will be taken up with other things and I will not be able to commit the usual time to the project. Be assured though I will give my best shot.

Gerry A/C 2015©


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S Y W Week #43

Tuesday 27th October 2015

To join in on Cee’s Photography Share your World click the link below and enjoy.


If you were on a debate team, what general subject would you relish debating?

There are several topics that appeal to me but my most enjoyable would be hypocrisy.  There is so much of it about.


feigned high principles: the false claim to or pretence of having admirable principles, beliefs, or feelings

  • It would be sheer hypocrisy for them to turn round and do what they criticize in others

What’s your strongest sense?

It is not hearing as I am partially deaf in my right ear.

It is not eye sight as I wear glasses. Although my vision was perfect when up until approx ten years ago.

It is not taste, but I like what I taste and like what I like.

I would say smell and touch is probably my strongest and most sensitive.

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

This one is a little difficult as I have many experiences I could mention and use. So after a little thought, not much thought actually just me being, lets say awkward. ‘At least I Tried’

List your favorite flavors or types of tea.

There are only two types of tea for me, one is the standard bought tea from most supermarkets. Although I will say it has to be one brand only. These tea are served hot with milk, but since my diabetic diagnosis and general health problem I also like cold bottled ice tea which comes in two flavours Lemon [my favourite] and peach, made by Lipton’s.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

It goes without saying for me, after recovering from heart operation and with my general health I am grateful that I wake up to see another day.

041514 sywbanner

Gerry A/C 2015

Images by Google Images.



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Picture Story Challenge.

Wednesday 7th October 2015

Sandra’s Blog..

Pop over and join with these challenges.

This story is a little late for the challenge but I am assured it is okay to post. This story is part of the crime story I am trying to compose. Maybe do it for Nano next month. This short piece is at the beginning of the story and has been edited to shorten it for Sandra’s challenge. There are three parts to start the story and this one.   Enjoy!!!!!

[1400 words]

The darkness of the night was losing its battle with the street lamp and the lights on the building as they shone brightly lighting up the whole car park, the car stood alone, abandoned with it’s drivers door wide open. The small saloon car was parked suspiciously in the deserted car park in front of the building, no one could be seen. Police constable Wilson was slowly walking around the car making notes, no sign of a fight, no tyre marks on the road and no damage to the car. He carefully looked inside, no key in the ignition, nothing suspicious was seen. Constable Wilson then decided to radio in the incident, he finished off, “however sir, I cannot see anything to concern ourselves at this moment.” He paused and replied, “yes sir, of course sir.” He clicked off and replaced his handset mumbling to himself, “stop wasting his time, well we shall see.”

He pushed the door shut with his elbow and wandered across the car park towards the building. There were no lights inside, all doors locked, passing the large shutter doors he looked directly up to the top windows. Originally he thought the light in the top window was a reflection of the car park lights but now underneath the window he could see there was a light on. Was it a safety light, he thought, as he moved around the corner heading to the rear of the building. Testing each door as he went, each was locked until he came to the fourth it gave way as he turned the handle. Slowly pulling it open he carefully peered inside.

Withdrawing his torch from his utility belt turning it on he ventured inside. The bright lights from the car park sent an orange glow into the building, giving the whole inside an eerie look. Shadows where there shouldn’t be, cast across the ceiling and floor. The desks with their lamps watching his every move, ready to leap as constable Wilson passed them, while coiled cables spread across the floor hissing ready to spring.

Each room he checked proved them to be empty, his torch beam scanning the corners. The floor was a large open plan office with rooms at random along the front of the building. The walls of these rooms were made of thin panelling from the floor to half way, with frosted glass the rest of the way up to the ceiling, allowing the car park lights to glow faintly into the block. Feeling satisfied that the floor was clear he found stairs that led to the upper floor. He had to tread quietly and remain alert knowing it was this level that had the light showing in one of the windows.

At the top of the stairs he pushed the fire door open, stepped into the corridor. His heart was beating rapidly, adrenalin high causing difficulty to walk steadily. In the corridor he paused, shining his torch at both ends, passing its beam across the floor. The far end was where the light was seen, but he could not see any light showing beneath any of the doors. Wilson knew he had to continue, he had to clear the building, he had to be sure it was empty and there was no threat.

Putting one foot in front of the other he trod nervously, struggling to remain silent. Just as he thought how well he was doing he trod on a stray plastic water cup. As it crunched under his foot it sounded deafening loud, he stopped, heart thumping at his rib cage he felt he was going to collapse, feeling feint it took all his strength to stop from falling over. After taking several deep breaths he started to feel a little better. He lifted his foot and the crunch of the cup on his release was heard, not so deafening this time, one careful step at a time he proceeded. Door after door he opened and inspected the inside. The small offices all consisted of a small desk with a computer screen and a telephone, with a typical office chair either side. Guiding his torch beam into every corner and under all the desks each time finding nothing. His nerve was holding until he reached the final door, the light from inside could be seen glowing through the crack of the door at the bottom.

Looking through the small frosted glass panel he thought he saw a shadow move across the room. His body was shaking nervously he was now not sure what to do. How should he proceed alone? Should he call it in? His nerves were telling him to be careful, advising him to get help, tread with caution. Standing at the door thinking quick and hard trying to decide his next move, when the shadow moved again, coming toward the door.

Constable Wilson quickly moved to one side to stand flat against the wall out of the line of the window. He held up his torch to check and realised he had switched it off, the light here was good enough to see. He stayed motionless for a minute or two before having the courage to move, then crept slowly along the back wall until he was in front of the door again. Hypnotically his gaze was fixed on the glass panel not looking through it but at it.

Wilson’s mind was running wild with him, this neighbourhood is good, hardly ever had any trouble. Maybe kids playing football against the wall, even this was rare. It was known as an upmarket area and was well policed, it has been recently rebuilt making it a clean, tidy and well maintained part of the town. Why had his partner gone on that detective course, he should have been with him. Why had the chief sent him on this patrol, why did he specifically tell him to look in on the area. His chief’s words, ‘Just check it out.’ he shouted with annoyance after being questioned. So why did the chief just brush him off when he called in?  Was he testing him? Maybe he was thinking to much, maybe he was just over re-acting. Maybe I should call it in an ask for assistance. Too many maybes? On thinking he knew what the answer would be. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, ‘I can do this, yes I can.’ he whispered. He inserted his torch into his belt and withdrew his extendable truncheon, flicked it to its length stepped forward and clasped hold of the door handle. Again he saw a shadow crossing the room.

Wilson slowly turned the handle, paused a second to gain composure and then pushed the door open and hurried inside. Eyes alert darting to every part of the office room. The size of the room surprised him, it was much larger than any of the others. As he moved around the office quietly inspecting every corner he suddenly caught sight of a shadow, a movement by the window. The window was open, he knew it was not open when he checked the outside earlier. There is someone in here, “halt!.. police!” he shouted nervously as he hurried towards the window but tripped over something on the floor. He quickly stretched out his arms to break his fall,  losing his truncheon as he hit the floor, doing a somersault to ease his fall and quickly regaining composure as he ended up on his knees. Finding his truncheon and grabbing it he turned to see the shadow climbing out of the window.  Waving his truncheon he ran to the window, looking out he saw a figure climbing down a rope that was tied to a radiator. Reaching the ground the shadow took off across the car park. Wilson noted the shadow was a man dressed in black wearing a dark coloured baseball cap. Hair flowing out the back in a pony tail, the car park  light made it difficult to recognise the colour but he would guess it was blonde. As he ran across the car park Wilson got a better view of his hair and height and size. He made a mental note as he watched the figure disappear into the darkness.

The light switch was by the door, he turned it and several lights illuminated the office, on turning round constable Wilson stopped in his tracks as he was looking upon a body, realising it was this that he tripped over. Moving around the desk to get a better view he found a male lying face down, his head in a small pool of blood. Wilson bent down and pressed his fingers to the body’s neck and found no pulse.                                                                                           “Now we’ll see, when I call it in.” he mumbled to himself as he walked into the hallway.

Within minutes the area was swarming with police.

Gerry A/C 2015.©





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While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping. [Forest Folk Songs]

Friday 11th September 2015

Forest song

Gamekeeper words good one

Gamekeepers good one


Gerry A/C 2015


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WPC – Creepy.

Saturday 15th August 2015


This week, show us something creepy — because hey, we can’t take photos of rainbows and puppies every day. Well, okay, I guess we can. But let’s branch out anyway!


Who’s Looking at choo?


I haven’t lost my head, my body is the problem.



Gerry A/C 2015©




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Title: As yet no Title..

Monday 3rd August 2015

I have no Porch stories in my locker, I have been wrapped up with other projects and concerns. I do hope to get a few ideas and then get my keyboard tapping again soon, fingers crossed. Please enjoy the piece below, and if you have any ideas, I am all ears.

scribbler 2

This, hopefully, is the start of a mystery crime story. I have started profiling characters and brief outlines of the story. This particular part, a stand alone short it maybe, is followed by two brothers attending a rally and the speaker is shot, and he passes on a notebook with gold medallion/coin inside and he asks the brothers to pass it to the lady in this brief piece. As you might notice I have not got a title or any ideas, yet! 


She ran across the yard into the blacksmiths forge, pausing, she quickly looking about. Her eyes dashing from each corner of the workshop when they stopped. She was looking at a long broken axe handle, minus its head, ‘that’ll do’ she thought hurrying to the anvil where it was leaning. Picking it up she hurried out, pausing at the doorway and quickly looking both ways, then ran out and headed towards the barn and the stables. Into the open space between them meant exposing herself but she had to chance it. With the sun high in the sky her vision was clear, which meant any who was looking out for her would also see her clearly. The hundred metres disappeared quickly as she came to the barn, rushing through the open doors she came to halt at the supporting upright posts. Her hands gripping the axe handle as she stood in a defensive position. Her eyes looking around the barn and apart from the hay it looked empty. She ran to each stack of bales and peered around them until her suspicions was confirmed. There was no one here, it was time to move on and get out fast. At the door, again she peered out cautiously all around and happy it was clear she bolted towards the stable. A building that housed six cubicles, open stables, each with tall wooden planked partitions and no doors. The entrance to the stables was open, the doors had been secured wide open, she ran inside and inspected each cubicle, which she found was empty. All horses were either in the paddocks grazing or being worked. She was not worrying about them, she was just pleased to find the stables empty.

At the back door she looked out across the large cobble stoned yard, on the left there was pig pen, the open yard normally covered in mud and manure had become dry caked earth. The warm weather of the past two weeks had dried the manure and dirt. In the center of the yard was a fountain, this fountain had no water spurting from its spouts. She could use it as cover and would make her run for the cottage a little easier. Clenching the axe handle tight, twirled it several times in her hands, almost as if it was giving her some confidence or moral support. When she was happy all was clear she thought ‘now or never’ and darted out into the open and raced towards the cottage. All the time she was running she was looking everywhere, checking every part of the yard hoping nothing would surprise or ambush her. Approaching the cottage she ran straight round the back, along the path that ran beside the cottage, glancing through the small side window as she went. Coming to the corner of the cottage wall she turned sharp right and came to an open stable style door. Holding her axe handle up and ready to strike at anything that might jump out at her, she moved slowly into the kitchen. The smell of coffee still lingered in the air, she slowly and cautiously moved through another door entering the lounge, and directly in front of her across the room was the large window looking out onto the yard she had just crossed.

Cautiously she searched the room, behind the sofa and chairs under the table, behind the curtains and she let out a deep breath as she found nothing. She looked out the windows and saw shadow movement in the distant, just before the blacksmith forge. A brief movement but it was enough to tell her to hurry. Now she was feeling a little more relaxed as she moved into the next room, a large hall that had been converted, here was the main front door to the cottage. Against the walls a sideboard and hat stand stood and standing just beside the stairs was a large narrow chest of drawers with four drawers on the top half and two cupboard doors on the bottom half. All in matching dark highly polished wood. There were a few pairs of shoes on the floor next to the chest of drawers, a mixture of male and female. She paused at the bottom of the stairs and was looking up wondering whether to search upstairs or leave. Just as she went to turn and move on she heard a sound a groan that sounded like it was coming from upstairs, she thought it was of someone in pain. She rushed up stairs and into the first room in front of her at the top. The door was open, she stopped in her tracks at the sight that lay before her, she almost heaved but took control so as not to be sick. On the bed lay two bodies, blood everywhere, all over the walls behind the bed, the quilt was more red than its cream and green. She moved closer to where the sound was coming from, one of them was still alive, if only hanging on with his last breath.

She knew there was nothing she could do to help but she still moved closer to the one that was still alive. His eyes were wide open, she was shocked with the horrified look on his face, fright and fear was all she saw. He was mouthing some words, she could hardly hear him, she moved closer but still all she could hear was a mumble, blood gurgling sounds. Her own heart was beating very strong and fast, her own fear was holding her back, she needed to get close to his mouth to be able to hear him clearly, and she had to do it quickly while he was still alive, he was trying to tell her something. She leant closer putting her ear close to his mouth, his last breath he gurgled in her ear, ‘the old stables, second cubicle.’

She stood up shocked and scared not knowing what to do apart from the one thing, and that was to get out of here. One last look around the room and again at the two dead men, absorbing all the information for reference later. She hurried out to check the other bedrooms, the second one she checked there was another dead body, this time it was a female. She guessed this woman was in her thirties with short blonde hair, unlike the men who were shot she had her throat cut. This room did not have so much blood, she must have died quickly and without a fight. She was now crying and very scared, she was trembling with fright and the confusion was now taking over, she was running on adrenaline alone. In the front bedroom, looking out into the main yard she did not see any shadows.

“I must get out.” she whispered to herself, holding her axe handle tight. She ran down the stairs and turned right and headed out of the cottage the way she came in. Through the stable kitchen doors, into the back garden, facing a well maintained flower garden with a path splitting the garden in two. She ran down to the bottom and found the small gate, just as a thud was heard and a small part of the gate splintered. Then another thud and the gate splintered again but closer to her this time. Turning she saw two men standing at the side of the cottage wall, one was pointing a gun at her and then firing a third time. She flung the gate open and ran off up the gravel track just as another sound of a bullet was heard whooshing past her head. She was so scared the adrenaline that was rushing through her took over, her speed was surprising her, she did not realise she could run so fast. Hundred yards up the track she dived into the woods and kept running until she could no longer see the cottage. She looked backed several times to check if anyone was chasing, when eventually she was sure no one was she slowed and came to a walk, a hurried walk while trying to catch her breath. “What now?” she said to herself.


Gerry A/C 2015©

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WPC- Close Up.

Saturday 25th July 2015.

Oh No! not another attempt at a photo challenge.

Close Up

This week, discover the hidden details that can only be seen up close.


One of my few photos of flowers.



This one was taken at my convenience.



Well, well another butterfly picture loverly ain’t it.

RestawyleGerry A/C 2015©



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WPC -Half and Half

Sunday 19th July 2015.

Half and Half.



The song I have included will probably not be to everyone’s liking. I actually like it, after listening to it several times it grew on me more and more. I do hope you enjoy it, I love to include relevant videos to a post whether it be music or film. Thanks.


half and half

These were baked by my daughter, they are actually called ‘Half and Half’ and they tasted extremely nice. Can you smell the aroma of baked cookies. I can. Yum, yum enjoy.


Gerry A/C July 2015©


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