My Birthday Treat Final Part.

Saturday 29th July 2017

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Gerry A/C 2017


My Birthday Treat Part 1

Wednesday 18th July 2017

London Trip

Coca Cola London Eye

Last day of June was a big birthday for me and I was given a surprise treat, a surprise trip. I was taken on a train journey to London. What made this special was I haven’t been on a train for many years, apart from a few local, small, short distance steam trains. The day had been planned out and our journey started at Waterloo. We walked across Waterloo bridge and made our way to Trafalgar Square, Whitehall (Downing St.) Visited my second home Buckingham Palace. (joking) St.James park. I eventually did something I have been wanting to do since it was opened, the London Eye, or since 2015 proper title is Coca Cola London Eye. It was very expensive but very worthwhile and enjoyable. Happy bunny now.


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Trafalgar Square was a surprise for me because the last time I visited, which by the way was many years ago has become a market. Acrobats and pavement artists. Also several visual artists portraying Star Wars characters, see if you can see how it is done. At first view they seemed very impressive but as one gets nearer one could see they were rather tacky. Their costumes were poor and their masks often exposed their necks or other parts of their heads. Bottom line I have seen better. I must say though I did enjoy the all.

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Gerry A/C July 2017


More Scribbling-Northern Lights.

Friday 7th April 2017

First Book One of Three.

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When I first read the Golden Compass(Northern Lights) I realised that there were two other follow on books, so had to get them and promptly read them. I thoroughly enjoyed them, they were like a cheesy biscuit, ‘moreish’. I enjoyed the style of writing and the imagination of the writer. I would recommend these books to everyone regardless of your personal genre. But must say, these books are classed as children’s fantasy but I would say older child, Harry Potter age.

I also watched the film, trailer above for those of you that haven’t, and I would go as far to say that it was very good and a great comparison to the book. Again I would suggest watching it if you haven’t already. If you do decide to do both – read and watch, then may I say ….Enjoy.

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Gerry A/C April 2017

The Scribbler Scribbles. (Watership Down)

Monday 13th March 2017

Some may say this book is not a classic, I say it is and so does Wiki’ (Watership Down is a classic adventure novel, written by English author Richard Adams,)

Born Richard George Adams
9 May 1920
Wash Common, Newbury, Berkshire, England
Died 24 December 2016 (aged 96)
Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

The original book cover.
Richard Adams WatershipDown.jpg

Release date: November 1972

I first bought this book in 1974 and promptly read it from cover to cover. It was my type of story, a fantasy and well written. Not to forget it was about rabbits, adorable and cuddly creatures and makes one cry when harm comes to one them. Richard Adams the author, became one of my favourite writers, I went on to read other titles by him. PLAGUE DOGS 1977- SHARDIK- 1974 & GIRL IN A SWING 1980. All brilliant stories and each was made into film, some with changes, ie, characters names. I say all are a must read. 

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My mistake was to read the book first, however, saying this I didn’t really have much choice as the film was released at a much later date, 1978. The film at the time was a bit of a flop, and I could see why. Not very good animation or art work in my view. But if one hadn’t read the book then, by having nothing to compare, I am sure one would enjoy it. I later did. But what helped this film was its music especially one track. “Bright Eyes” is a song written by Mike Batt  (ex Wombles) and performed by Art Garfunkel.


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Gerry A/C 2017

The Scribbler Writes Again.📝

ScribblerThursday 2nd March 2017.

Since Xmas I have decided to read some classic books. My last post about 39 Steps was number one, some might say it is not a classic. My second was ‘To Kill a Mockingbird”. However I have now watched a film of this book even though I could only find the one.

Image result for to kill a mockingbird

I was surprised to see that the film, starring Gregory Peck, followed pretty close to the book. ,,however there were a few minor changes to the book. The ones that were noticeable were parts of the story being left out. This did not affect the story-line. Where the book, like most books, write descriptions of people and their expressions or the environment. Some try to put the reader into a place or situation this film uses the visual qualities and camera work and techniques of film. If you haven’t read the book or seen the film I strongly advise that you do, I am sure you will enjoy it. I say to you now ‘Good Viewing or Reading or Both’.

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Double Cross.

Friday 3rd February 2017.


Words 609.

Double Cross.

“You better hand it over or I’ll shoot you. In your arms first then your legs, maybe knee caps first, then the feet. So where is it?” Alfred just looked at him, showing no fright or shock. He knew this man, holding the gun in his right hand would use it as he says, but he also felt confident that he could outwit him and eventually over power this evil person.

“I haven’t got it but I know where to get it.” Alfred said calmly.

“Well, where is it?” the man said gruffly.

“Oh yeh, like I am going to tell you. Soon as I do so you’ll shoot me anyway, so I’ll take you there. Or just shoot me and you’ll never get it.” Alfred saying with some authority.

“Okay, but if you are playing me, then I will. Lets go then.”

We walked into the cafe, which was an annexe to the lighthouse, and here there was an entry gate to the lighthouse. The lighthouse was no longer used as a working lighthouse.  A small fee was asked to go inside and traverse the steps to the top, there is a great view to see, on a clear sunny day one could see for miles. There is a  small high walled harbour, and a lock gate that allowed members and yachts to moor. The water was still, brown muddy colour, with a few seagulls floating on the surface. Alfred nodded a hello to the woman behind the counter, “nice day for sailing.” he said.

Alfred got the gunman to pay the fee to pass through,  they proceeded through the hall and came to the porch that took them through to the steps leading up. We climbed to the top, and was confronted with an open wooden floor, and the large hexagonal room had glass panels all the way round. The patron was given a full circle vision of the harbour the hillside and village.

“Okay, where is it, I am now getting a little bored with this treasure hunt.” The gunman said with a threatening attitude. I noticed four other people here enjoying the scenery, one old lady was sitting on the wooden benches set in the middle.

“You’ll have distract these people, it is hidden under floor board.” Alfred said quietly.

“Okay but no funny stuff.”

“You are the one with the gun.” Alfred said angrily.

Alfred went to the edge of room, tapping floorboards until he tapped one that made a different sound. Bending down he fiddled with a small piece and lifted it from the floor. He then leaned over put his arm in and then pulled out a wrapped package.

The gunman saw this and went to him and grabbed the package, felt it and walked off quickly. “Don’t try to follow me.” Alfred just smiled as he watched the gunman go. Alfred then looked out of the window, looking down to the car park, he smiled and whispered to himself ‘got ya’


Back in the cafe the police had arrived as planned and arrested the gunman.

“Oh, I’ll take that, and enjoy your new home.” Alfred grabbed the package from the gunman and unwrapped it to reveal a very valuable antique, an ornately and brightly painted wooden Indian. He handed it to the woman behind the counter and said, “Give this back to the rightful owner Julie, and tell him thanks.” As Alfred went to walk away Julie shouted after him, “Alfred, here don’t forget your fresh vegetables and fruit.” she handed him a large bag. Alfred just smiled as he walked away, nodding to the four policemen as he went.


Gaa/C© Originally written and posted on Sitting on the Porch. Monday 19th May 2014

The 39 Steps!

Tuesday 17th January 2017


I am confused, disappointed and even go as far as to say I am unhappy. Why? I hear people say. Well! The above book is one of my favourite books, it tells a story that cannot be bettered. Well maybe it can depending on your tastes. My confusion etc started a few years ago when I managed to get hold of the book.Several copies actually, one stand alone book and also included in a compilation by the same author. (The story 39 Steps are both the same by the way, word for word) I hope you are smiling. Anyway, over the years I have seen many film versions of this book, old black and white films and new ‘ish coloured films. I have tried to find more but have been unsuccessful. While I enjoy the films and their differences, the story they tell all have one big flaw which seems to be missing from the book. this case lets say added. Why is that? I ask myself or anyone else that listens and might know the answer and might have their own opinion on this matter. Every 39 Steps film I have watched have all added one extra character to the film, a female co star. I am not being sexist or against female actors (actresses, I think is old fashioned these days) in fact some of my favourite actors are females. But why do directors, producers or script writers think they know better than the author. Why do they want or need to change an already great story. This happens rather a lot and it really does ‘**** me off. Watership Down, the more recent Shanara Chronicles plus many more. Why oh why do they do it? By they I mean people who make these films.  

Anyway guys this is my rant do you have any or do you agree with me.


Gerry A/C 2017

Christmas without Brother.

Sunday 25th December 2016

I am cheating today, Christmas is in the post title rather than the song title. After all this is a special day for all.


Still thinking of you.

Christmas may be a little emptier but our hearts are always strong and our minds are thinking of you forever.

I can’t believe it has been 4 months without you walking this world.

Gerry A/C 2016

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I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.

Monday 19th December 2016

Only a few sleeps left before the big day. Cannot wait, can you? 


Another selection from Sandra, and a great choice it is. I have posted two very different approaches but both are very powerful in their own right. Hope you enjoy both I certainly did.

Gerry A/C 2016