My Music Plus!

The  4th January 2012 and the Lymington Folk Club, both the date and place will be set in

my mind for a very long time. Why you ask, well, I met up with some old friends from my

teenage years and my dearest friend and longest known friend John Dunkinson played a

small set, by himself and a couple of tunes accompanied with Pete Strong and Pete Jones.

His music was uplifting and the icing on the cake for me. But I am pretty sure the rest of

the club also enjoyed his songs, judging by the applause and the after effect.  John who

lives in Seattle, USA means I and his other UK friends do not see him very often, and

because of this it made it doubly good for me.  But must not forget the other artists that

performed this night, because once again the Folk club produced tunes to the highest of


A very big THANK YOU for this alone.

Apart from my regular visit and enjoyment of the music at this Folk Club, by the way is

every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, it had turned into a re-union of old friends, the

only thing that remains to be seen is whether or not we will all keep to our departing

words, ‘keep in touch, I’ll give you text or call, check you out on Facebook, don’t leave it

another thirty years’ you know what I mean. We have all done it at some time in our lives,

people get separated with life’s paths, and then meet up again further down the paths of

fate. We had a good night talking of the past and of today. This is a sign of good friends,

you can talk to each other easily, no stopping and faltering and wondering what to say.

John Dunkinson sang some songs in remembrance of a local  character, poet and singer

songwriter from the area. He has recorded his songs and put them onto a CD called

‘Gypsy’  and subtitled ‘In Memory of Rod Legge’ Very high quality recording and very

high standard of music. So I suggest you have a listen by visiting the web site on the

following link   and if possible support the local characters.

Without these people, your villages and towns would be like any other, boring. These

characters can be like an attraction and a very valuable asset. Look after them while alive

and if not then at least give them life in their death with some form of acknowledgement.

Please visit the website and help. THANK YOU, for this.  = for the CD ‘Gypsy’ = for the Lymington Folk Club. If in the area

remember to visit. 1st and 3 rd Wednesday of each and every month

Us at Thomas Tripp, Lymington,UK.    Thomas Tripp. Lymington UK.

Doin’ Our ‘Ting      29 June 2011

We, John and myself Gerald, turned up at the Thomas Tripp public house,in Lymington, Hampshire, UK, expecting the Lymington Folk Club to be present, and hoping to see some musicians of varying styles. But to our surprise it was not on on this particular Wednesday. Yes you guessed, it was next Wednesday. Apparently every first and third Wednesday of the month. It was a shame because my friend had a music CD, that he and several others had recorded numerous songs written and performed by themselves,  in remembrance of the local poet, musician and character of Lymington. Some of the songs were in part at least written by this local character. I must say that it is very good so if you get a chance to purchase a copy I strongly advise it. All in a good cause I might add. See and visit the web site, it explains all and I say support your local characters.     Any way I diverse…..

We met up with another friend, also in the picture, his name is Pete and he is the one on the left. I personally have not seen him since 1979 -1980, he said the last he saw me was when I had my hair draping half way down my back. And so thinking this then the years would be about right. We all sat down with a pint and having a chat about things from past and present, we, after a short while asked the bar tender if we could have our own guitar session in the back bar, to which she said we could. Of course it was lucky that I had brought two guitars with me.  We all proceeded to have a good evening of music on our own. The memories rushed back from the days of past gone when me and John used to do it regularly. The reason I am recording this is because, as one reason already mentioned, I have not seen Pete for over thirty five years and it was brilliant for this to happen now, we could still talk and have things to say. Conversation did not become quiet or awkward. And now with mobile numbers passed over we should be able to continue our re-found friendship.

The other reason is…..John, who now lives in the USA and has visited UK every year, parents still live here, but for various reasons we have not met up for about ten years. So this event has been recorded, by this blog, and linked to others, Blogger, and photographs. So just in case we do not meet again this will always be here.

We were child friends, grew up together and  learnt to play guitars together but when he went to USA I must admit I felt a little lost. So memories likes this mean so much more, hopefully there will be more. But just in case.                                                   I had a chat with Pete a couple of weeks later and we might try a guitar duo, at the very least for pleasure and fun…

So for now I say ‘Watch this Space’

18 thoughts on “My Music Plus!

  1. It’s so awesome Gerry to reas that others are still playing the music that tells our stories in a way not many other musically based genres can do.
    Sitting around jamming with friend’s that have known you all your life is a blessing/ No one knows us like those we knpw from childhod.

    I’m still in contact with my old “Hood & there are 3 other ladies & I that have known since birth. 57 years this YEAR!

    And we jam anytime we can.

    1. If I was truthful to myself, ever since these and me started going our own ways. like lifes path do, marriages etc. I have never really made friends of the same caliber, people do not seem to understand my heritage if you like. I grew up a hippy hehe! played guitar with friends and groups, write songs lyrics and poetry. And not one person was in this same circle. But recently have been getting back into music and playing. All because of my long childhood friend now living in Seattle..Look forward to more chats thanks so much..

  2. Gerry, this page is wonderful! Hadn’t had a chance to read it before. Your site has so many different levels of stuff that a person can’t get to all of it at once. I think it’s terrific that you have recorded this whole event the way you have. You are right. It can stay here for ages and ages, and you — and the other friends — can visit it any time you want. I really do understand the feelings you’re expressing, and I hope with all my heart that you and these friends can get together many, many times in the future and make music — and fun!

    1. Thanks Sandra, yes I have continued to play at the folk club and with my mate when he comes over from Seattle. We are still struggling to get the local interest or any more interest in the memorial we are trying get placed, but keep trying. My friend from Seattle has managed to record some pieces which can be heard on the web link. Thanks so much again.glad you enjoy. 😉

  3. Reminds me of my own relationship I have now with my brother-in-law. We went to school together and learned the guitar together way before he met my sister. Then I moved to the USA and was there for over nineteen years. Now I’m back, we get together and jam a little every few weeks or so.

    1. I often wonder about others and their stories relating to music.I myself have written about a couple, humorous, tense and near misses. thanks for stopping by the only time I play nowadays is in folk clubs,,, no electric stuff these days… welcome 😉

  4. Music is good in almost any form. I use secular music often in my posts that deal with the teachings of the Bible. Keep up the good work.

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