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Happy Easter to All.

Good Friday 25th March 2016.

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Lymington-Keyhaven walk.

Monday 21st March 2016       This post was suggested by the master of walking posts Jo of restlesjo fame.



The bandstand opposite the yacht club.


The small pond with an island, in need of attention.


Off we go. today is sunny with a chill in the air, remember we are by the sea. Occassionally the warmth could be felt on our backs



Wavy walls. (Crinkum [or Crinkle] Crankum). Have done a post about these rare walls.


A small view of the expanding haven.


Amid the masts you can see the Isle of Wight Ferry.


The yacht haven, millions of pounds here, not just boats but cars as well





Winter look of the old Lido.


I used to come here when in my junior years of school. Still never learnt to swim. Still do not like water. Getting into it that is. Although did make a resolution this year to learn to swim, yeh right!




The Lymington Lido.

Now called Lymington

Sea Water Baths.






The walk we intend doing later in the spring summer. but today it was just the orange part approx 3miles plus what we did getting here.


View of the conservation area. With yachts in the distance.


One of the bays, path leads on to Keyhaven approx 5km.


Marshbanks in the distance. There were many birds visible but photo doesn’t show them.


Another view, further along the sea path, of the bay which leads to Keyhaven.








Bird conservation with ferry in the far distance.




Marsh banks and bay.



Another view of the bird conservation







Conservation Area.





What kind of goose?


See, I told you it was a bird conservation area



High street, heading back to car.


Finally through the church yard to car park.


RestawyleGerry A/C 2016

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Magic Violin pt 3.

The final part at last I hhear one say..

Sitting on the Porch 2

Monday 14th March 2016

FROM THE PORCH…Just in time, my afternoon stroll was very invigorating. The sun was shining and the spring heat could be felt on my back. While I get myself a cup of tea please enjoy the reading of the final part of this story. Very easy and relaxed, no murders or violence of any sort. Enjoy and thanks.


Magic Violin 

Pt 3


They stood over their parents gravestone looking at and reading the inscription, trying to make sense of the words.

“Do you suppose it is actually our parents grave the scry and words are referring to?” Issy asked unconvinced as to why they were there.

Graham was kneeling down and looking closely at the head stone, running his fingers over it. “Considering the age of the stone it still looks brand new, after fifteen years I would expect a bit more dirt and grime.”…

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Magic Violin pt 2

Sitting on the Porch 2

Wednesday 2nd March 2016.

Are you all ready for the second part of the Magic Violin? The porch is now empty, the guitar is safely inside and the outside light is now off plunging the porch into moonlight. The chill of the night closing in and if the weather forecaster is right then I shall wake to frosty morning.  ENJOY!


MAGIC Violin Wallpaper__yvt2clip_image001.gif

Pt 2.

Words 786

In the shop, an antique plus bric-a-brac shop, Angela and Isobel sat in the back room chatting.

“But sis’ I really thought it was in the cafe, I had been nowhere other than there. You see Issy, I left home with it, as you know we planned to lock it in the shop safe. I did my usual, stopped off at the cafe ordered a coffee and drank it and left. All this took no longer than fifteen minutes.”

“Don’t worry Angie we’ll find it, Graham…

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Magic Violin pt 1

Sitting on the Porch 2

Monday 22nd February 2016

Today my porch is dry, the weather is bright with a slight breeze sweeping from my left. My tea-cup is empty and will refill when I have told you todays story. Please enjoy this repeat to which I never posted the 3rd and final part. So part 1 of 3 is below just to refresh everyone’s mind.  ENJOY!


MAGIC Violin Wallpaper__yvt2Pt 1.

Words 756

Isobel came running in, slamming the front door and then falling over the carpet and shouting ‘ouch’ as she hit the floor. On her knees and leaning forward on her hands, she looked up at Graham, who had rushed to her aid, “Angela has lost the violin, the one mother gave us.”

“Tell me you are joking, I mean she has just mislaid it in the shop!” Graham said frustrated while Isobel took his hand and he pulled her up to her feet. Isobel…

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WPC – Life Imitates Art, maybe!

Saturda13th February 2016y

Life Imitates Art

This week, find inspiration in a piece of art. Then, imitate it.





Gerry A/C 2016©




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The Ferret.

Pop over to the Porch and enjoy some short stories..Thanks 🙂

Sitting on the Porch 2

Monday 8th February 2016.


Another windy day on the porch. Just thankful the storm has past because last night we experienced high winds, thunder and lightning. But today the sun is poking his head out once in a while. What rain falls is being blown over very quickly. As I watch the water streaming down the road I remember a story. Below is my recollection please enjoy… ‘The Ferret’


The Ferret.©

For attention: Head of Animal Police,

The other day, two days previous to this letter, I came upon a situation I think you should be made aware of.

Down by the stream I was witness to a ferret a rabbit and an otter, all three sitting on the river bank, what looked at first as if they were sunbathing, enjoy and relaxing in the sun. I would go as far as to say they were even talking to…

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Think before you???????? [poem]

Sitting on the Porch 2

Friday 15th January 2016.


Think Before You Leap.

I sometimes wonder by returning home,

Is it the right thing to do.

Yes I do still call it home

It is not the same which is quite true.


The village life is still within

But the people are no longer, gone.

Gone maybe, closely related more akin,

We are still singing the same ole’ song.


Thinking of now, living the moment,

Today not tomorrow or yesterday.

Everything one does is heaven sent.

Slogging through life, no way!


Ambling through the water-splash,

Strolling over the rickety old bridge.

Walking the grassy country footpath

Standing, staring out from the rivers edge.


The sun shines brightly on my apple tree,

The fruit is young with colourful blossom.

This tree was the place I wanted to be,

My tree was never far from my home.


No longer there, finally lived…

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Forest Folk Songs.

Monday 18th January 2016

Forest song

George Collins1

George Collins words

George Collins

Restawyle 11

Gerry A/C RESTAWYLE-2016

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New Batteries, Lights Bright. Brief Message

Sitting on the Porch 2

Friday 8th January 2016


stories are here again.

I have been away for a long time but now I have new batteries and my lights are bright. There will be poetry mixed with short and long stories that are brewing nicely in my head, eagerly awaiting to be read by you.  Some good and some, at the moment not so good. Also some are already written, maybe in need of a little editing. Some you may have read before, if so please be patient and enjoy again. 

I haven’t posted on this site for a long time, some may not have missed it, some may have, but for me it has been pure laziness. I have not posted regularly on Restawyle either and as for this site and my music site ‘Brocks Music Shed’ well I ashamed to say they have been ignored. I especially…

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