Write 101- Day 11[Size Matters]

Monday 16th June 2014.


writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2Tell us about the home where you lived when you were twelve. Which town, city, or country? Was it a house or an apartment? A boarding school or foster home? An airstream or an RV? Who lived there with you?  

Today’s twist: pay attention to your sentence lengths and use short, medium, and long sentences as you compose your response about the home you lived in when you were twelve.



My Abode and Dwelling.

Write 101

Day 11.


Today my mother woke me and my brothers and surprised us by saying we were going out. Dad was to take us to a safari park. So we were to get ready, and this meant the usual, a good wash, clean behind the ears, clean clothes and breakfast.

My brothers and I ran about the house, excited to be going out, this was a rare thing for our family as we were not a wealthy family.  The three bedroom house mostly seemed to be plenty large enough for us, but when all us kids are rushing about trying to get ready we would keep bumping into each other and like all kids keep moaning about it. Up the stairs I would run, into my bedroom, rummage through my clothes drawer settle for something, put it on and then be out by my front gate and waiting. Dad was checking the oil level in his car.  Our garden was a nice size, my dad grows fruits, gooseberry and strawberry and blackcurrant  and sweet corn. While at the same time there was room for us kids to play around in. I fell in love with small apple tree near our back door, here was the kitchen and mum often watched us through the kitchen window. This apple tree became an important part of my life in later years.

While waiting for mum to finish off getting the picnic and drinks I stood at the gate and looked up and down the road, a small private road, with thirty two houses. Ours a semi detached, but there a mix of four house terraced as well. I loved this house and place we lived, a village in the south with a huge mix of characters. We had to deal with animals wandering the village, horses, cows and donkeys, they were mostly friendly. There was the odd bad tempered one. I then started thinking of the long haired highland cow that frightened the daylights out of me.

Dad had finished the service of his car, and I was now joined by my older brother. He was more excited than me. We all helped load the car with the food and drinks and mother made sure she had the boiled sweets for us kids. Shortly after us three kids and mother and father was on our way. We headed along the short road and turned onto the main village high street, through the watersplash and turned left onto the main road and was now heading out of our village. Dad had to brake when he came upon a herd of horses walking along the side of the road. Always had to be alert because these horses would just walk out in front of the cars. There were quite a few deaths of horse every year, and sometime the occupants of the car were killed. This time of year deer were a problem, especially at night. They would jump the fencing and run across the road in large herds, following each other in a line. The forestry commission fitted many reflectors to the fence posts, they were  angled so as to reflect car lights into the woods. This often deterred the deer  from jumping the fencing, keeping the road clear.

Another animal that lost its life regularly on the side of the road was rabbits, also coming out at night and they always followed the grass verges.

Gaa/C©  16th June 2014

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To All My Blog Friends-Including You!

Wednesday 30th April 2014

 Just for you. Yes Including You.


Campnano Winner Cert 2014 11

Just wanting to brag again about my Campnano challenge which I managed to complete. I must admit I surprised myself with this project, by signing up  to it but never expecting to fulfill it. No more to be said.


Casting ones mind into the world of fantasy.
Drifting on the wind, floating high.
Clouds engulf and wipe the dirt from your skin.
Droplets of rain then wash and cleanse the soul.
You slowly fall to the earth, and find yourself once again whole. ..

In the past few months I have had my eyes opened, opened to people’s dilemma’s and ailments and health issues. I posted a couple of posts about my hospital stay and what I went through, and received an overwhelming response of kindness. I am still astounded at people’s kindness, and how they continue to be upbeat and happy.   However since my release from hospital and now trying to recover I have since read many other people’s blogs and posts about their issues, and am always surprised at the way the people manage to carry on with life. Some of their issues are very serious health problems some not quite so, but they are very meaningful and serious to them. I must admit to being ashamed by not commenting on their posts, mostly because I felt at a loss for words, because words never seem to be enough or right and me, well, I am never sure as to what to say. It is to everyone, past present and future I dedicate this little light-hearted poem. Also a beautiful song for you all.

My Theory.


The first line is the hardest to write,

So I’ve decided not to bother,

By leaving it out all together,

I can continue with the second.


Now I’ve come to verse number two,

I have no trouble at all to write,

The third line was easy to do,

And the fourth came just right.


Words for the third was hard to find,

Some came easy, while some were hard

But thinking for them, “ I don’t mind,”

It’s like finding that winning card.


Fourth is a verse that never goes right,

It’s the most difficult of all,

Sometimes I’ll sit up all the night,

All I hit is a bloody brick wall.


The fifth I find is a load of trash,

Because it’s the last, I let it go,

But at least I did give it a bash,

Why I wrote this , I don’t know.


Written 19/01/1973.

Gaa/C May 2014©




Xmas Story [Gift of Love] 19

Thursday 19th December 2013.

Penultimate part.

Christmas story best

Home at Last.

Home at Last.

Xmas story 19

To be Continued.. Final part tomorrow….

Please excuse any errors and enjoy. Thank you.

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Xmas Story [Gift of Love] 13

Friday 13th December 2013

Christmas story best

At Last We Meet Again.  {beautiful piece}

At Last We Meet.

Xmas story 13

To be Continued…

Please excuse any errors and enjoy . Thank you.

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Xmas Story [Gift of Love] 12

Thursday 12th December 2013

Christmas story best

Cyber Love.  not my type of music but is very apt,and I am open-minded in my music. Enjoy!

Cyber Meet.

Xmas story 12

To be Continued……

Please excuse any errors, and enjoy. Thank you.

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Nano, Nano for Where Art Thou Nano.

Thursday 28th November 2013

Third time Lucky ??????

My third Nanowrimo attempt, and am I successful or am I kidding myself?

2013 Winner

I have met up with some great people due to Nanowrimo, and supported each other. Especially the Campnano projects because they have a slightly different system. It is this that is all part of the writing enjoyment, coupled with the feeling one is not on their own.

I wonder why I actually do this, because at the end of the day the story will remain on my hard drive saved in a special file titled Nanowrimo. People have sent me their good wishes and congratulations, then ask about my  editing or publishing. But I have no idea, not even sure about the next process or who to do it with. Createspace is just one.  I do enjoy inventing stories, in fact I would say that my story lines and characters and the events that I include are very good and original. I also do all my own research, I do not rely on others to supply info or use as Muses, I can say all my lines come from my own head. However sometimes I wish I did have some one to assist when the mind goes blank.

 My failure is the quality of my writing, I have never been trained etc, apart from a little experience and reading and learning from some of you fabulous writers there is not much else.  I wrote a lot of poetry, [small booklet of 45 poems was published in 1998] in my younger and youthful days, as well as lyrics, of which some were used in songs but many are still sitting in my rather old and tatty song book. All hand written with mistakes and amendments, crossed out lines or words, comments in the margins, we all know about these precious books. 

Self publish, or a publisher, edit the stories, but surely the quality and standard of the words and grammar and proper English, [LOL] are what matters, not the limited descriptions. In my head I can see the scene or the character, but trying to describe it for the reader does not always work, if it does at all. I am not complaining just making a point, this point I believe is the feeling of many others.

My Stories/Novels.

I have written ‘Knight of the Oak’ subtitled ‘King of the Wood’ unfinished and currently on 65,000 words, ‘Birth of the Wizard Prince‘ also unfinished currently 55,000 words. ‘Our Dream‘ subtitled ‘Two Hearts.‘ this was finished,currently 62,000 words. Possibly might delete. The End. And my most recent 2013 challenge ‘The Parchment‘  was completed and on 63,000 words but do have ideas to add to it, a later project. My reason for mentioning this is because I cannot finish projects. The ones that are finished were easily done and fluent in the story lines, but the ones that are unfinished turned into a longer and deeper story.    

 Of course I am not including the short story and poetry projects I have done. The participation in a couple of writing web sites, these keep my imagination alert.

I could praise other writers or poets and say good things and how some maybe an inspiration to me, but in truth why should I, do I see my name being praised by them. I have many writers that I take inspiration from but I do not need to or even want to name drop, but then again maybe I should and people will think I am well in with the right circles. In truth this would be so full of bul…t. I listen and learn from people in my blogging world.

What’eth should thou do’eth with all thy words?  [Don’t answer that I know]


Christmas story best Don’t forget to look out for the December challenge and Christmas love story Coming soon, book your seat now. I do hope that you enjoy and support the light-hearted feel good story.