Inner Peace Award.

Tuesday 11th June 2013.

by COBBIES69                                                     Thanking to Wendell.

Inner Peace Award

added to Awards page 11/06/2013

inner peace award

My great friend Wendell has honoured me once again by awarding this fabulous award to me. I have been a friend and brother to him now for a fair time now, and visiting and reading is daily verse has always been a high light of my day. Whether one is low or high his words are very addictive, and the work they do for you is like magic.  If you are down they lift you up, and if you are up they will lift you higher. He has a site full of words for every occasion.

Just when my Inner Peace is wavering this has certainly lifted me, and am thinking again how life is not so bad, is it really.

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So this is a good thing.

My nominations for this awards are as below. I have no idea as to whether any already has it or not so please just acknowledge with a thank you.

Some of  you might be thinking Wow what has happened, I have nominated people, well just this once I thought I would change my rules.. Please enjoy.. As I have, all these blogs are brilliant for different and personal reasons. Each one is unique except for one thing, they will all welcome you, so pop along and say hello.