WPC – Motion

Saturday 25th April 2015.


This week, share your photographs that have captured motion, and tell us the stories behind the images.

Disney World 2003 052
Neptune at Magic Kingdom


The Manta April 9 2010 1
The Manta – Sea World Orlando


Disney 08 293
Leaping water worms. Epcot.





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Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Saturday 8th March 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

I do not know what is happening to me, why you may ask? Well it is not often of late that I participate in photo challenges. My reasoning for this is because I have been more involved in writing projects. However I am doing a weekly short story project on my other site  Sitting on the Porch.      [http://geelong212.wordpress.com/]     

Pop over and have a read of strange stories written by me. Enjoy.

In the meantime enjoy my interpretation of PERSPECTIVE.


Elly being Cool April 13 2010

↑My daughter a few years ago, posing in the Florida sunshine↓

Elly being Cool April 13 2010

↓Another vision completely different subjects.

Picture1 028

Picture1 029


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Our Future! ‘Epcot2010’

Thursday may 17th 2012

Our Future!

Our Future

Our visit to Epcot in 2012 just another memory.

My favorite park of all Disney an Universal. Like all of them but Epcot wins the battle. A light hearted view to  all of our wonderful blogging world….

Some of you might have done this as well, and hope it jogs your wonderful memories as well. I do have another of my daughter, but two in one post, I dont think we candle two.  teehee!  Please enjoy..

Gerry A /C 2012©