Write 101 #7 Give and Take and Enjoy.

Tuesday 23rd September 2014.


writing-101-june-2014-class-badge-2Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else.

Today’s twist: write your post in the form of a dialogue. You can create a strong opposition between the two speakers — a lovers’ quarrel or a fierce political debate, for example. Or you could aim to highlight the difference in tone and style between the two different speakers — your call!

Give and Take and Enjoy.

Today I have posted one that I posted before so apologies to anyone who has read it before. On this challenge I try to do a different story but today I thought this was good and hope you do. 

Day 7

Words 626

Gaa/C June 2014

“But dad, I don’t want to go, there are loads of others going, and I don’t want them to see me.” Annie was arguing once again with her dad.

“Annie, it is your last time, after that you wont see any of them again.”

“But you don’t see do you? going up on the stage is so yuk! everyone will laugh.”

“Annie you will not be the only one, all your year will doing it as well, so some of your friends will be there doing. You should be so proud of yourself, I am. I am very proud of you. And I’ll be there with your mum.” her father said quietly putting his point across.

“That is my point, all the adults watching.” Annie then sulked off into her bedroom. Her father thought it best if he left her alone for a moment. She was obviously scared about it, and he thought it was up to him to try and show her there was nothing to be scared of, but a moment to be very proud. This is her last moment to show her achievements and be very proud of them. Just to give her a few her father went and made two cups of tea and a salad sandwich.

Ten minutes had passed and he tapped her bedroom door and entered, handed her the tea and sandwich.

“Annie you know way back when I first started playing my guitar and I had the opportunity to play in front of an audience I chickened out. Like you, I was putting all sorts of excuses in the way, telling myself I was not any good, people would boo’ me off stage or just not like me. I went to the clubs and watch other people and kept saying I was as good as them but when the time came I could not do it.” Annie and her father sat quietly eating their sandwich.

“As you know Annie I did go on stage and played, and a few years later did it with bands and it proved to be the best thing I ever did.”

“What made you do it, I mean what changed your mind gave you confidence to do it?”

“One night I went along to a club to watch, my friend came along, he also played the guitar. On arrival he checked in to play, the people who run the club asked if I wanted to play. I said no, not today, however they tried to encourage me, not to worry how good I was as the club accepted and enjoyed all standards. But I still said no, but inside I really wanted to play.  So when my friend was called for his turn ha played a couple of songs and then announced that he was inviting a guest and then called for me. At first I would not go, it was then the audience started slow clapping, I borrowed a guitar and played a couple of songs with him. It was the best experience I had ever felt and wanted more. The next time I played on my own and again I enjoyed the applause. I would not want you miss this experience and enjoy the moment.”

Annie finished her tea and sandwich and looked at her dad, “okay dad, as long as you and mum are there with me, for support I mean.” she said and hugged her dad. “Of course we will be there, for support of course.”


The following week Annie walked onto the stage and collected her school certificates, she passed on 12 subjects and stood smiling while she accepted the applause. The proudest moment for all the family.

Gaa/C© June 2014.


WPC -Texture.

Friday 8th August 2014


Guest photographer Natalia Maks invites you to find unexpected textures in the world around you.


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Enjoy and Thank you.

Gerry A/C ©


WPC -Contrast.

Saturday 28th June 2014.


 http://cobbie69.wordpress.com/    For my 101 challenges a total of 20 short, very short stories.

Light and dark, tall and short, happy and sad — this week, share a shot that captures a contrast.

Sunrises April 12 2010


Hotel Sunrise.

Sunset Hotel April 7 2010

Hotel Sunset.

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Share Your World-2014 Week 19

Monday 12th May 2014.

Share Your World – 2014 Week 19


Do you prefer shopping or going to a park?

Answer – Although shopping is an essential part of life, walking the park is better than strolling the aisles. So I suggest going to the shops buy some goodies and go to the park and have a picnic.

What is the highest score you’ve ever made in bowling?  Actual or virtually played.

Answer – I cannot actually remember the score but I do think it was around 210. Not bad for some one who hardly ever plays.  I do remember I was the winner on the night though.  Oh yeh oh yeh.

Name the foreign countries you’ve been to.

Answer – United States of America, Spain, France, Wales, Scotland. [Oh an Jersey….. smiling]

Describe your own outlook on life in seven words or less.

Answer –  Hopeful, healthy, exercise, friendly, polite, genuine and original..

‘I am hopeful that my body stays healthy, and will start a new exercise plan to do so. I will continue to be friendly and polite and be genuine and original.’

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Answer – I had a big talking to this past week and was very grateful for it, even though it hurt and cut deep. I now realise how bad things were getting, and so because of this the coming week has to be the start of a new me, a new regime, both for me and my exercising and healthy living.


cropped-porch1.jpg check out the Porch stories.




Changes…To Write? Too late..

Friday 14th March 2014

Another exclusive unearthed from the Daily Gerald reporter…Gaa/C 2014©


Changes/To write?….  The following report is purely a report.

Changes,, new developments and new mentality, Change it from yesterday to today, and tomorrow. What exactly constitutes to change. Changing ones underwear, changing ones clothes. Changing ones hairstyle or colour. The act of changing ones mind, yes I suppose these can all be accounted for as change.

Change – replace with another.  As I have just had done to me.

Change – attitudes, these are and can be considered drastic, and hurting, or just bad,  depending on what it is that has changed. Or how the person or persons changed.  eg: when something is considered good and normal between, say, two people. Whether it be siblings, parents or even lovers. This happens when one of them decides to change their thoughts and attitude towards and an on going situation. Especially when the other is thinking that it need not have changed as such.

I have just become one of the many, especially Facebooker’s to use a quote of the day or just quotes. What the hell is all this about? Proving that one can research and find all these quotes on Google or any other search option. Purely their choice I know, but it seems to be so rife  that it becomes boring. [Like me I suppose]. Easy it is to put a quote on a post or timeline, easier than writing our own words of wisdom, is it? oh! and it makes us all look good.  How many of us actually believe or follow the actions of these words that some person has thought up and written for us to make ourselves look good. Sad when people result to this. But I have ‘Changed’ and also become sad, because, hey I am using a couple myself. I say words of wisdom, well are they?  Do I actually heed or take in the words on these quotes, do you, it makes me wonder. 


Lets take the first line – ‘no one falls in love by choice,  it is by chance’ [maybe so, but we do have a choice. Do we not have control of our own emotions and mind.]

Second line – no one stays in love by choice, it is by work. [to me this is pathetic, love is natural and needs no work. relationships yes maybe]

Third line – no one falls out of love by chance. it is by choice. [ I will be nasty and say what a load of crap. I have never experienced falling out of love by choice.] It is usually forced on one by the opposite party.


How ever you might well disagree, but that is your choice and is respected. But what I have encountered partly for my myself but seen from the outside looking in, is the absolute rubbish people say just to verify their reasoning. You have changed, is a common one. Even exaggerate the situation. I can be and probably have been guilty of this as well, it just seems to be human nature. Words like this demean the real emotion of love, the power, the drug to be addicted to. So many ways to love, fall in love, experience love, in fact there are far too many to mention, THERE ARE NO RULES TO LOVE! are there?  Yet someone writes a few lines and hey: we are all using them. [including me]

Change, can be made voluntarily, as much as unknown to us, changes gradually happen while we live, not knowing it is happening. We are told this is life.  But is it and are we so readily to accept this, or should we question. I think it is often used as an excuse, not a reason. Health is a good reason for change, forced upon us, and we have to adapt and change to compensate the illness and its symptoms. That is another post, which will be written and edited shortly by Daily Gerald newspaper.

 Gaa/C 2014©

Daily Gerald981

Hindsight, if Only!

Tuesday 18th March 2014.


During an interview with Gerry he revealed some secret thoughts. Thoughts and feelings that he kept to himself, even from family and doctor. Below is some of the thoughts he revealed to us.

As most of you know I have been in hospital recently, and no I am not going to bore with more from my experience whilst in hospital. But I am going to say I was diagnosed as Diabetic just about 2 years ago, my doesn’t time fly. All my knowledge of the disease was mostly learnt whilst in hospital, the nurses and the diabetic technician was happy to talk to me. I was being tested daily, at least twice, but usually more. My diabetes is Type 2 and is controlled by diet and pills. My latest doctors visit and tests I wastold ‘my diabetes is well controlled and within the limits expected. Oh and my retinal scans have returned clear.

However for a long period, from being told about being diabetic, I was taking antacid tablets regularly, almost daily. I was getting heart burn rather too much, but sucking a tablet cleared it for a while. Naivety I suppose created a problem that came to a head in December 2013. If only I realised what was happening, my stay in hospital I learnt so much. Just for example constant heartburn could be a sign of heart problems. In my case it was. 

Being asthmatic all my life, I have learnt to deal with things and become part of my normal. Not sleeping, well only a few hours nightly..But the past two years I was dozing a lot during the day as well as having my few hours nightly. If I was braver, less naive and talked to the right people, who knows what may have resulted. Maybe I was actually scared to hear the truth. I later became aware of the symptoms and their possible disease or illness. 

I learnt so much while in hospital, like heart burn regularly ie: daily, was a big sign for possible heart problems. I learnt that aches in my arms is also a sign for later heart problems. A man of 60 years with asthma and recently diabetic becomes a high risk. My doctor told me I now became a high risk patient, I would have to be regularly monitored. On a loser it seems to me. So all in all I was rather stupid not to tell my doctor about these happenings as and when they happened. I buried my head in the proverbial sand, frightened of what I might learn. I nearly paid for it with my life. I have to thank my doctor for her insight to take a blood test and ask for certain tests.


Lets Re-cap.

1. Constant heart burn, occurring daily or every couple of days. Remedy– seek doctors advice.  

2.Pains or aches in one’s arm or arms, seemingly losing strength. Remedy – seek doctors advice.

3. Tiredness, having no energy, and dozing or sleeping during the day. Remedy – seek doctors advice.

4. Keeping check on one’s health especially if one suffers from Asthma, Diabetes, or any other ailments.                                                            

Remedy– have regular check ups with your doctor.


To sum up, if I was a little more aware and possibly not so naive, maybe just maybe things could have been averted, and my life would be so different. I am hoping this post will at the very least help some one somewhere..IN HINDSIGHT.







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Luck, Punished or Just a Man ‘#3’

Tuesday 3rd September 2013

Part 3  [Final part]  … ‘Just a Man’ 3

I do hope you read this, and let me know what you think.. Thank you!

Express Yourself ‘Man’ Part 3 

[Continued from Luck, Punished or Just a Man #2]

Enjoy the music while reading, this video is absolutely brilliant.

I finished my last post with hospital visit and my eczema ailment. Leaving you with details and web sites to visit if you wish to learn more, so my story will continue from here.

During the following years, my life was trying to deal with things as and when they occurred. Staying out the night whether it be round friends houses or doing a gig or going to a gig I would always try to hide my ailments.  When I was puffed out, struggling for breath, I would walk outside or go to the toilet, take a puff from my Ventolin, wait until I regained my breath and felt well enough to rejoin my position from where I was. I never knew if anyone did notice or was aware, no one said anything, whether they were being polite or genuinely did not know, I never found this out. My concern was just trying to keep it out of sight and be as normal as the rest of the people I hung out with. If I started a coughing fit, with Asthma I did regularly, I would almost choke myself at times trying to hold it back, and of course this would make it worse. I did not like the looks I got when I lost control, it was never a dainty cough, it was always a throaty and chesty mucus cough sounding like thunder. Causing people to look. Many many times I held it back, my throat almost bursting, but it was the lesser of the evils for me.  Because of this I did not stay round friends houses that much, parties were not for me either, as well as the fact I did not sleep as long as most people, I must have come across as a real bore. I must stress it did not happen as much as I may be portraying here, but it always seem to happen at the wrong time, not that there was a right time. But it was me.  

During these and the following years I learnt little tricks of how to keep this from being public knowledge, I still do not really know why I did this. Whether it was to avoid awkward questions, or whether it was my shyness, I cannot say. All I do know is the more I kept it hidden the more I needed to. I could have possibly felt ashamed,or guilty, who knows.  

I never used my health as an excuse, or played on it. I want to say that I accepted it and it became part of my everyday life. Never looking at it any differently to other healthier people.  I was never into playing sports like my brothers, even though at school I did play tennis and won the school pairs. Maybe I was influenced by health situation,  I was actually more into music as my regular readers know, and from the age of approximately 18 I played in various bands. This could cause me problems, but I rode with it. Drinking, which I did do but nowhere near as much as others I was with, I hated the feel of drunkenness and especially the morning after. I did how ever get into drugs quite badly. This I could say ‘another story for another day’ which some individual stories I will post about. I saw some horrific things. I was never into ‘H’ heroin or Cocaine, I was not that stupid, still stupid but not ‘THAT’ stupid. It seemed a natural thing within the music world, and not to forget the era I was in as well. No excuses, my choices. But the strangest thing was, even while under the influence of say, LSD, acid,[click for more info] if I felt the need to have a puff I still disappeared to do so. It did not happen often, the effects of the drugs seem to over-ride my asthma symptoms.  This sort of living went on and on and on and on.

Over the years my doctor tested me regularly, tried to do so yearly but in truth this was more like every couple of years. Blood tests and pressure tests, x-rays, scans, most of you know the drill. One time I kept avoiding this and my doctor refused my prescription meaning I had to visit him to get my medication. Cheeky ole doc he was, but he was a good one. Every time the results came with nothing to report, inconclusive. teehee!

Then came January 2012, I was called into my surgery and my doctor gave me the results of earlier tests….I was diagnosed diabetic. I was then told I am on the highest risk category group, what is that, what does it mean? very nerve jangling and worrying news. With the initial support I got, NONE, or very little, I was left to deal mostly with it on my own. March April May 2012 I was sent to hospital for heart checks, because I mentioned pains in my chest. I had tread mill tests, heart monitoring probes. ‘Inconclusive’ The final one was for me to be  hooked up to a drip, and then my heart was supposed to be controlled by the doctor, but it never got that far I fainted, well almost but felt very ill. My phobia to needles controlled my mind, I panicked and so the test was halted. ‘Inconclusive’ not been back. All that I have found out about diabetes is from the internet. I do have regular checks and blood tests, but never really been told about the effects the drugs I take may cause or may not cause. High blood pressure or cholesterol levels. High risk group, apart from worrying me what is that all about. I did find out more as time passed and I had to accept my new world.

Oh well I will update as I find out more. I could write more but did not want to bore too much.. There is so much more I could write referring to symptoms and things my body has been telling me, but maybe a future post..hope this has not be too boring for you..Thank you for your patience and please comments welcome.


If you missed my previous two parts – see below links Thank you.




Important  Sites

ASTHMA –http://www.asthma.org.uk/Default.aspx

ASTHMA – http://www.rpharms.com/museum-pdfs/a-asthma.pdf

Eczema – http://www.eczema.org/

Diabetes – http://www.diabetes.co.uk/

Beautiful site  worth a visit – Angel

My story – http://gerrygeelong.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/the-parchment-fantasy-story.html

LSD or Acid physchadelic drug –  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lysergic_acid_diethylamide


Luck, Punished or Just a Man #1

Wednesday 21st August 2013

A Factual Post, Aarrgh!   A different post for me.

Express Yourself ‘Man’  [ part one ]

I was sitting in the solitary darkness of my life, and thinking about this whole blogging world. Recently and over time I have read so many posts from people expressing so much about life, love, universe, trauma, health, God and all things that tugs at one’s emotions. All top quality work may I say, not criticizing. Also how music can be related to our emotions, poetry with humour and powerful heart wrenching words, which I firmly believe.  People respond with all the nice and supportive comments, some even expressing a little of their own and having a conversation. Mostly women, not all.

But this post from my viewpoint a mans, well I think of myself as a man.  There does not seem to be many men out there with all these powerful life stories, expressions of love, or how the universe is treating them what ever, but maybe they just cannot let it out.  Well I use to be like this in fact I still am, so I am stepping out from my comfort zone. Just this once, maybe it might even kill this blog, who knows.  I am not a writer, not as educated  and do not possess the ability and quality to equal the posts I have read, hence I will not be able use the expressive and fancy words, so please just accept for what it is. 

How many people actually practice what they preach, yes I know there are some, but in truth how many others join in to be part of the crowd. Maybe I am one.  

AUK-logoclick me for more info:

I was born very young, and from this very early age I was diagnosed Asthmatic, quite severely, but I knew no different. My youth years I spent struggling and many times being taken to hospital, and nearly died on two occasions. When I was child there were no inhalers, well not yet available for public use, so I use to suck a pill called Neo-Epinine, it was so powerful for me I had to break it into four and suck under the tongue. I do remember my heart rate rising and it felt like my chest might explode. Catch 22, either I suffocate struggling to breathe or risk my heart giving in. Nice choice.

[ Neo-Epinine (Isoprenaline sulphate) tablets, mid 1950s
The drug isoprenaline is a bronchodilator. It was first introduced in 1948 for use with asthma.
Its over-prescription in aerosol form in the 1950s and early 1960s contributed to a rise in
asthma-related mortality. These Neo-Epinine tablets are believed to date from the mid 1950s. ]

info from – http://www.rpharms.com/museum-pdfs/a-asthma.pdf

  I am one of 5.4 million in the UK, and not many people know that an average of 3 people per day in UK still die from it. This is today, so you can imagine what the statistics were when I was a child. I missed a lot of schooling and hence my education suffered. One particular teacher realised this and helped me beyond the normal schooling hours, and if it was not for her I would not have gained 7 x GCE’s. So I say a big thank you MRS WINGATE. tears are swelling my eyes at this thought. I did try to partake in the PE lessons [Physical Education] I did two cross country runs and the second time I collapsed, and was taken to the nearby hospital. So no more.

Peak Flow Meter,N3103 and diary. Over the years and even as recent as a few months back I have had to do twice daily peak flow meter tests, usually over a period of a month and record each test (best of thee puffs) and no cheating. I still have my meter from a very long time ago. My mother taught me this. And while I am on the subject of my mother. Well she was a true Angel,[click me] not just because she was my mother and I loved her dearly, but because she was always there, by side and supporting every little moan, each wheeze, and every night when I coughed myself to sleep, only to awake a few hours later. This caused a great deal of tiredness and tension. It made things so awkward if I ever did a sleep overs, which as kids we liked to do, or other times when everyone else is sleeping cozily and here I am trying not to cough, or wheeze to attract attention. Plenty of time to think.

Today I still hide when taking a puff from the inhaler. Even today this is so, I am lucky to get 5 hours sleep. Always tired, I know many of you out there experienced this lack of sleep as well, for different reasons maybe, so you know what I am talking about. Although this is an on going story this is for another day, today is about….well what is it about really? Am I preaching, letting off steam, looking for sympathy or just being informative and letting you my readers, if any do read that is, get to know me a little better. A few posts recently mentioned things like do we really know who is behind the blogs and words, and having the belief and trust a reader has to have. Anyway I am going off the beaten track and do not want to bore you more. There will probably be no reader that gets this far anyway. So I will tell you what, I will break this up into parts so I will do another follow up  post if there is any interest. My battles with life and more recently Diabetes, which is still like a bombshell hitting me.

I would like call any other men and see if they wish to join in on this ‘Express Yourself Man’ so come on and help set up a club. I know this will be hard because I do not have many men followers and probably less who read. Contact me as per normal Thank you.

Part two coming shortly, a day or two. for my own piece of mind,