On the Edge?

Daylight  19th August 2013.

Daily Prompt: On the Edge

My excuse to do a post of this nature hope you enjoy.

Moonlight Stars and Lost.

Every night and day that passes,

Staring into space, looking beyond.

One, might say that rose tinted glasses,

Pain and hurt yes I am growing very fond.

Our sun is now getting higher in space,

Like each day it will fade to be reborn.

The moonlit night will show her face,

Sky, shadows and stars it will adorn.

Our wonder words float high and speak,

Seeking their star, to engrave ones love.

Open mind and heart, strong no longer weak.

A drifting cloud, a passing thought,

Words spoken, in my head voices shout.

Dreams and truth are forever sought,

Is this what love is all about?

Sadness these days scream at me,

Aching inside, yearning will not stop.

The point of no return, must never be,

Always inside, passing, always passing.

Gerry a/C August 2013©